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CIPLAN Products

industrialized mortar, homogenized and bagged pre represents a major advance in construction. Composed of raw materials carefully selected and dosed by modern equipment, the reference is MassaCiplan today in the market for its quality of mortar.

Mass Ciplan for Masonry: Mainly used for laying blocks and bricks. Can be used for settlement of doors and windows or other masonry units.

Concerned with the quality of the materials that integrate the entire production chain, which operates from mining to delivery of concrete to the machined work, Ciplan has invested permanently to the modernization of its industrial park.

In several presentations, Ciplan Cement is produced in type II Z-32 CP.

CP II Z-32: Portland cement with the addition of pozzolan.

is commonly used for various applications in construction. The normalized resistance of the CP II is at least 32 mPa at 28 days.

 1. Does not the size of your endeavor, ciplan Ready mix plants have the best quality , delivery And service that meet all your needs We are always close to you.

Currently as a major producer of mineral aggregates in the Midwest, the od Ciplan manufactures all types of gravel (0, 1, 2) and stone amarroada.

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